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What Makes the Story Good

I totally live in Anelthalien. Since I was little, I've lived in Anelthalien. At times I spend just a bit of my day in Anelthalien, but usually I'm a pretty well-established resident. While Anelthalien really solidified when life became too hard (for that story read my blog "A Choice To Go Somewhere Different" and watch my YouTube video "When Life Becomes Too Hard"), it still is that place I go to whenever I want to listen to the stories God wants to tell me. I'm almost always talking to God, and so I'm also quite often in Anelthalien.

Maybe that's why it's such a good story. Well, I know it's good because God created it, but I mean more than just that. The story of Anelthalien isn't just a made up dream world; it is the result of God speaking His truth into my life. When I write or read Anelthalien on Sunday afternoons, the message God gives me in the morning sermon almost always appears in the story and appears in a way that causes me (and Kindle) to halt in space and thought as a wave of deep, personal truth crashes over my mind and pours into my soul. The story of Anelthalien is my very real spiritual journey. It's my life and thoughts remolded into something even I'm willing to view, learn from, and want to invite others to see as well. Although it doesn't appear real or like my life at all, it is.

Also, Anelthalien matters. Because it is me listening to God about me and the world around me, the lessons and truths interwoven into the story are important messages for everyone. I know I'm realizing so much about myself, life in general, and God each time I write or read, and so I confidently know that whoever else reads the story also meets the opportunity to grow as a person and a follower of God. That means the story of Anelthalien not only matters but matters for everyone for eternity.

Anelthalien is good because God led me to write it. It is inviting because it's real. It keeps readers wanting more because it matters.

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