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The Story & Behind the Story


I didn't even think of publishing Anelthalien when I started writing it. I just started writing because God told me to remember the place I loved to go to as a kid and start writing about it. I'll tell that whole story on my blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. On this page though, I'll just tell you that what God did was nothing I ever imagined with the amazing place that I always had hoped could be real.


Earth Quaking:
Anelthalien Book 2

Anelthalien is part of a series. The first book, Anelthalien, and the second book, Earth Quaking, are available to buy (my homepage has links!) Earth Quaking continues the story of Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew journeying through Anelthalien to end the reign of evil. Their plan is to make a direct journey to their destination, but when the earth starts groaning, trust starts quivering, and they find themselves battling the past in more ways than one. 

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Water Falling

If you ever wanted to know the truth, Anelthalien is waiting. 


Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew must continue their journey to the evil throne, but stuck at the top of a waterfall, they see no way forward. When a stranger offers help, they have no choice but to follow her. As she leads them away from danger, a disconnect from their mission threatens to wash away their belief that they should continue. A curious book, words of warning, an orb, and an ominous city muddle the truth even more, and the four heroes struggle to distinguish lies from reality. 


This leg of the journey could clarify what is true or drown the heroes and their resolve to hear the makers and reach the evil throne.

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