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written & illustrated

by HAPruitt


When Kindle discovers a necklace that transports her to a strange land called Anelthalien, all she wants is to return home. Soon though, Kindle meets the strange yet kind Cifra and discovers that the necklace carries with it much more than a simple painting. After meeting three others who also find similar necklaces, the Cifra lead them to a farmer who also proves to hold many more secrets from times altered out of Anelthalien's memory. Once the farmer begins recalling the past and linking Kindle and the three others to it, Kindle realizes that returning home may not be as easy or as important as she believes. In fact, none of them expect the necklaces would tie them to not only an almost forgotten past but a  gilded present and possibly disastrous future.

If you ever wanted something different, if you ever wished life would completely change, if life has ever been too hard, or if you just knew something wasn't quite right, Anelthalien is waiting.

About Anelthalien

Anelthalien is a young adult fiction fantasy novel. Slide to learn more.


Some Answers

5 Questions About Anelthalien Answered by H. A. Pruitt
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BS Youth Ministry & Pastor

This book captures the beauty and whimsy of a childhood imagination and refined it into a captivating story that draws you back in for more. Anelthalien is a story with a story to tell. Not only do you fall in love with the characters as you read through the pages, but you also begin to desire the truth that is embedded beneath the story. Anelthalien is truly something different.


What are readers saying about Anelthalien?

"HAPruitt is an artist who uses words as her medium to paint vivid picturees drawn from her rich imagination."

Robert McArthur, Author

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Retired Elementary Teacher

“In the book Anelthalien, [H.A.Pruitt] takes her reader on a journey into an unknown place where she continues to spark curiosity. She is an amazing skillful writer that uses vivid language and mysterious but brilliant illustrations. Anelthalien has a mix of humor, wisdom and a deep sense of suspense in every chapter. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel written by this impressive author!”

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