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Fear Will Never Take You Where You Need To Go

Fear is isolating. It isn't always physically isolating, but fear always reminds you of the unbreachable distance between you and what you hope for. Fear reminds you that knowing what will happen next is impossible. It assures you of that reality and then urges you to freeze because that is the only way to avoid dipping into the unknown.

Fear is paralyzing. It isn't always physically paralyzing, but fear always reminds you that if you do not draw near to what you fear, then you can avoid it. Fear reminds you that avoiding fear is possible. It assures you that if you avoid everything and anything that leads to that fear, then you never have to feel the pain of it. Fear is not a trustworthy guide. While fear offers much guidance about how to avoid whatever stirs your dread, it does not provide guidance about how to move beyond and leave behind fear. Fear keeps you stuck in fear. It freezes you in a mindset that tells you to reject as part of life what is real. It leads to delusion--either a delusion that you never have to deal with something you will encounter again and again or that you can do enough to avoid something unavoidable. The feeling of fear tries to assure you that the object of fear is avoidable when the true object of fear is really the feeling itself. Fear is truly only in your mind. Fear is part of you, but what stirs your fear does not have to remain where you reside, paralyzed and isolated. You do have the choice to move forward out of this numbing, uncertain daze. Restarting life may feel impossible, but with God it is possible. God can guide you through and past your fear. He tells you the hard truth that it is only your grip on lies that diminish His power that is keeping the fear in you. God tells you the truth His word, the Bible, states His power is limitless. With His truth God teaches you to listen to, trust, and then follow Him. When you follow God, He creates in you a new heart and new mind that recognizes fear for what it really is. God shows you that your fear holds you back from receiving the full life He desires for you. Then, if you decide to release your fear and believe God's truth, God will guide you to life that never ends. God can move you pass your fear because He has the power to overcome your fear. Fear tries to tell you that it will lead you away from hurt and death but will only lead to more pain and destruction. God's truth says you can have eternal life, and if you listen to God, He will lead you to Him and eternal life that only comes from faith in Him.

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