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Delighted by Belief

Missi is . . . unique. She stands out not just because her syntax is scrambled but because she believes in something that no one else seems to believe and is delighted by that something. Even though those around Missi tell her that she's talking nonsense and babbling about fantasy stories, she insists her delight is true.

Ever feel like a weirdo because you believe something and take joy in that something? Specifically, do you ever feel a little "out there" because of your belief in and delight in God? Maybe in your own home you feel free to talk to someone who you can't hear, ask for a hug from someone whose arms you can't physically feel, or dance with someone who isn't really visible, but when around other people, you do refrain from all that because you know others probably do not share your belief or delight. Yeah, it's normal to not let your belief shine because of the onlookers. However, it isn't necessarily right.

No, not everything between you and God needs to be public. It's like a marriage: the most intimate parts of the relationship are for just you two, but all of your delight in your spouse shouldn't stop at your doorstep. In a healthy marriage you brag on your spouse's high points, hold one another's hands, compliment and talk to each other, and show lovely little pops of affection when together. If you have affection for God, it is good to express similar sparkles of your delight in God. In public do tell stories about how great He is, remain mentally attached to Him, praise Him aloud, and pray constantly. Do show that your belief in God is real enough to not stop at your doorstep (because is that really belief at all?).

Yeah, you probably will receive funny looks for expressing delight in God. Don't let that stop you, though. If people give you funny looks or tell you that you are wrong, they need to witness your unique love for God. Those who don't believe need to experience how wonderful God truly is but are not going to experience God on their own if they don't want anything to do with Him. They don't know how good God is, and if you refrain from showing and telling them, they may never experience God as good or at all.

Remember, let others share in the delight you feel about God. If you don't, they may never believe in or know that delight in their own hearts.

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