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With God's guidance, HAPruitt also wrote the recovery ministry for Mt. Etna Church.

Summary of the ministry's goal:

Revive is about bringing people to life. Jesus is Life, so it's about bringing people to Jesus. It isn't a revival (one moment) but a reviving (a continual growth ever closer to Jesus and God). That process always begins with us in sin. We have to get out of sin to start the journey to Life, Jesus. In sin is where we will meet people. 

The Process

Everyone's journey to life in Jesus follows a general process. It isn't a step-by-step sort of routine that people learn. It is just what happens. It is just what happens because very basically the process is sin, death, and new life. Everyone sins. The result of sin is always death. Jesus is life. 

In Revive we will use that process in a more detailed, exploratory form to bring people to Jesus. To do that, we first must recognize this process in our own lives. 

Below are just three of the eight parts of the process. 


Satan lies. We believe him. That leads to sin and brokenness. Everybody's brokenness started with one of Satan's lies. Everybody's brokenness continues because we keep believing Satan's lies.

Believe the Lie


We all do sin. We all grab the tempting lies Satan offers us. We all go after what our heads, hearts, and guts urge us to do. And because it all looks, seems, and feel so good, we never see all the bad waiting to swallow us.

Sin - The Fall


You're alive. You feel. Yu see. And you know it is all because of God's saving power and love.

Oxygen - New Life

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