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Water Falling

Anelthalien Book Three

water falling cover for Kindle.jpg

If you ever wanted to know the truth, Anelthalien is waiting. 


Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew must continue their journey to the evil throne, but stuck at the top of a waterfall, they see no way forward. When a stranger offers help, they have no choice but to follow her. As she leads them away from danger, a disconnect from their mission threatens to wash away their belief that they should continue. A curious book, words of warning, an orb, and an ominous city muddle the truth even more, and the four heroes struggle to distinguish lies from reality. 


This leg of the journey could clarify what is true or drown the heroes and their resolve to hear the makers and reach the evil throne.





The ebook version of Water Falling includes color illlustrations.

The paperback of Water Falling features full third installment of Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew's journey through Anelthalien.

The hardback special edition of Water Falling includes over 100 pages of bonus content. After the story, this version of the third book in the Anelthalien series contains author notes, extra illustrations, maps, character profiles, an explanation of Anelthalien time, a pronunciation guide, a glossary, and a chaper from the fourth book in the series. 

Color Illustrations

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