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About HAPruitt

Servant of God

HAPruitt is a pastor’s wife who teaches two Bible studies and wrote the recovery program for the church they serve, Mt. Etna. Her mission in all she does is to listen to, obey, and glorify God. She has always enjoyed art, using her imagination, and writing and is enjoying God using those abilities to shape her into an author.

She attended S.B.U. in Bolivar, Missouri and earned a degree in art education, which she has put to use teaching and drawing the illustrations for her book. Now she works as a pastor's wife, which includes everything from making 3 foot long dragon flies out of nothing to praying constantly. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and her 14 guinea pigs.

Visit Mt. Etna


Sunday School 10:00

Sunday Sermon 11:00

Sunday Night 6:00 - 8:00

Wednesday 5:30 



Pudge was my first guinea pig. She is a white and black Abyssinian and loves to type online articles about shoes. She hogs the internet.  

Pudge window.jpg


Bear is a brown Teddy. He likes to be in his house, away from the 8 girls he lives with. He likes to hoard food and run away from people. 

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