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A Place To Belong

The song Ella sings at the Lighthouse comes from a distant memory. It doesn't describe her life at the Lighthouse, but it does ring true for Barnes as well as many others who are not just characters in a book. Many people feel as if they have nothing except a fate of living at a distance from everyone else. For some reason--illness, past choices, addiction, disabilities, unusual qualities, etc.--many feel like it is just better to hide away and not even try to overcome the stigma, prejudice, or whatever acts as a barrier between them and the rest of the world. It's just fate to live on the fringes, so why try to fight it?

Truthfully, that is Satan telling the lie that isolation and secret keeping are the only options. No, most people don't and can't understand exactly what one individual has or is dealing with; however, most people have and have endured something that created a feeling of distance from everyone else. Satan likes to tell people the lies of "you are the only one" and "no one could ever understand or accept you if they knew". Those lies, though, are lies.

God loves everyone; that is the truth. God loves while knowing every wrong every person has committed. God loves through the difficulties He gives. God loves the unique qualities He has gifted people with. Also, God calls people to love one another as they love themselves. That means not getting caught up on and turned off by other people's sins, unique traits, or difficulties. It means learning that the person is not defined by what makes them by his or her difficulties or sin but by the fact that God desires that person to be part of His family. God desires each person to view others as He views them: knowing He created each person wonderfully unique, knowing that everyone is very flawed, and yet still regarding them all as wanted by God.

God has love, a home, and a place to belong for every person. God wants all people near Him. He also wants people to show one another that they are all loved by God, plagued by sin and Satan, and need to stop creating division and instead work together. When people love as God loves, it encourages people to find they already have home waiting with God.

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