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You Give Them Something To Read

Jesus and His disciples faced a huge crowd. The disciples knew that the crowd was hungry and that they could not possibly feed the crowd. So the disciples suggested to Jesus that they hand off the enormous responsibility to numerous others actually equipped for such a task. Jesus, though, told His twelve disciples, "You give them something to eat."

In my mind the disciples gawked open-mouthed at Jesus. They may have thought, "Why did Jesus answer like that? He knows there's a bunch of shops these people can go to! Why doesn't he do something about it? He knows we can't do it on our own." Their response in the Bible definitely showed they believed Jesus' answer to be ridiculous.

I understand their bemusement. When I asked God what to do about publishing Anelthalien, He replied, "Do it on your own." I thought "What? Seriously? But there's agents and publishers who do that for a living! Aren't I supposed to let You do things? You know I can't do this on my own." Just like with the disciples, though, God maintained His solution. It absolutely confused me, but I finally stopped trying to defer the responsibility He had given me. The disciples found a little bread and a few fish. I found a name and a website. When I took it to God and gave Him what little I had, He let His amazing power shine.

God is not interested in working in the normal or most logical way. He cares to work in the way that will allow His glory to shine brightest. Often that plays out as God using very few, very unequipped people to do what requires many skilled people. At the end that always looks miraculous and grand, but at the beginning it appears ridiculous, overwhelming, confusing, and impossible. It feels more like trying to feed a multitude with a dinner roll or like trying to publish a book when you can't. It feels impossible. The impossible, though, transforms into miraculous reality when accepted, pursued, and then handed over to God.

Mark 6:35-44

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