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When You Feel Like Giving Up

I feel like giving up. And I'm one of those Exodus 2- 6 Moses types who when life gets intimidating, I run and hide in the farthest reaches and hope no one and those problems I'm running from can't find me. I get scared and run away but can't really run away because the problem is really in me.

Thankfully, God is still the God He was to Moses in Exodus 3. God still finds me wherever I hide and tells me what I need to hear. God tells me that He already knew this problem would happen, and He had planned for it so that it would glorify Him. He also tells me that I need to stop being afraid because it is His mighty hand, not any effort or conception of mine, that will make it all possible.

Thankfully I'm the Exodus 3-40 Moses type who when God speaks, I give him a listening ear and slowly learn to trust Him. Like Moses in Egypt and often in the desert, when problems happen, I still feel afraid and run, but I run to God. I tell him the problems are happening, and to me it just doesn't look like His plan is going to work at all. I tell him that in fact, it looks like a complete failure and I want to just sit down and give up. Just like with Moses, though, God repeats His assurances over and over again when I go to Him with the same fears over and over again. God keeps telling me to not get off the path He has put me on, to stay with Him, and to believe that He will by His power do all He said He will do.

I hear God say it so clearly, but it is still so hard to believe. I want to believe, but know I can't, and so like the man in Mark 9:17 - 27, I cry out and ask God to help my unbelief. Because believing God truly is never something anyone can do on his or her own, God enjoys hearing my cry for help and does provide me with the faith to believe that anything is possible with Him.

Whatever you are facing that makes you want to just give up, take it to God. Tell God how hard it is, how much you don't want to do it, how much you just want to quit, and how it looks impossible. Tell God, then give Him your listening ear, and listen to His truth. Let His truth speak louder than your feelings. Then cry out to God and ask Him to help you believe what He tells you. With God belief in God is possible and anything is possible.

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