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When We Fail

It's natural to think of something we want to do and to do it. We think something is necessary or sounds like a good idea and then go for it. We go about doing that endeavor however we know best. Nothing seems wrong with that.

Everything ends up wrong with that, though. Most of the time we are not experts on what we are trying to do. All of the time we do not know what the future will bring if we decide to tackle that goal. Often we discover that diving into a project ends up with us smacking our faces on the concrete because we have such short, blurry vision about the future. When we try to do something how we think best, we often fail.

Only God knows what the future holds. So, only God can know exactly what we need to be doing and exactly how we need to go about life. God will tell us what to do. Most of the time we just aren't listening because we're too busy doing life our way. Sometimes we hear God, but what He says doesn't make any sense, and so we ignore Him. In some instances, though, we hear Him, don't overanalyze what His words, and try doing what He said. Then we dive into something completely different than failure. When we listen to God, something different and amazing happens.

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