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We all hit roadblocks. We all find ourselves at points where nothing seems to be moving forward at all and so we wait. Waiting feels like doing nothing. When we find ourselves waiting and doing nothing, we usually either try to escape the roadblock by doing anything we can think of to spur forward movement or settle down and give up trying at all.

Both approaches stem from misconceptions about waiting. Waiting is not doing nothing. Waiting is having silent, still time to consider what might be ahead and what our options are. When God places roadblock in our lives, He often does so to stop us from doing what we think we need to do. God makes us wait to force us to be still and consider that He might have something different ahead than we planned.

When we do accept that God has created our roadblocks for a reason, it leads us to consider what the reason might be. We don't often learn the reason (and God doesn't necessarily need us to), but God's roadblock does require us to learn why we have been faced with that roadblock before we move forward. When forced to wait and we choose to consider God, we hear God's lessons for us that are necessary for the road ahead. Then, once we listen and learn in the waiting, God leads us on the new route He always had waiting.

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