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The Story Behind The Story

"I bet you never expected all this when you first started."

That's what one of my friends said when I was telling her and some others about everything I'm trying to do to publish and market Anelthalien right now. In a way she was right; I never expected to be learning about marketing. In a way she didn't know how right she was.

I didn't set out to be an author. I didn't set out to publish a book. I didn't even set out to write a book. Anelthalien started long, long before God ever told me to start writing. Anelthalien didn't even start as a book.

Anelthalien's story is a story only God could write. For now, while the book is in the publishing process, I want to tell you God's story of how He made Anelthalien.

Each Friday watch the video on my YouTube channel and read my blog for more details. The story of Anelthalien is truly something only God could do; it is truly something different.

Godisgood #fridayreads

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