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Strength / Weakness

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have areas in which we flourish and enjoy thriving. We also have spots that make us feel like we are rooted in a stinky bog. Though we may not realize it or want to admit it, the strengths we so enjoy often share roots those weaknesses. Our strength also can grow out of those weaknesses. Either way we view it, strengths and weaknesses often stem from the same seed.

God plants in some of us a seed of communicating with others. With that seed we find it natural to converse with people, help others solve problems, and lead others. Unfortunately we often decide to water that seed with our own pride and start trying to dominate conversations, fix people, and manipulate others.

Some of us receive a seed of caring for those around us. With that seed we naturally listen to others, provide quiet support during problems, and show respect to our leaders. Too often, though, we dump selfishness on that seed and start mourning in self-pity when we feel ignored, drowning in emotions when we feel unsupported, and resenting those who control our lives.

Regardless of what kind of valuable seed God strengthens us with, we all end up misusing it and creating our weaknesses. Thankfully God does not uproot the talents He invests in us. Instead God urges us to let Him remove whatever sin-filled dirt we have dumped on our strength and return to nurturing that seed with His provision. When we actually let God control what fuels us, we start thriving and producing fruit for Him rather than stagnating, dying, and draining others of what they need to grow.

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