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Running Away With My Emotions

Sometimes my emotions really annoy me. One little (or tons of little) difficulty happens and my fear, anxiousness, worry, or anger all jump up and run out of control. They start telling me to panic, cry, excessively apologize, and to just feel terrible. My emotions run all kinds of places that I don't want to go. My emotions can't be trusted.

I know this about my emotions. However, that doesn't make it easy to stop defaulting into listening to them. It isn't easy to avoid or get out of them. I know the one escape, though.

The only way out is to let go of my emotions. I have to stop listening to and acting on them. Then I have to quiet my mind and heart and instead listen to God. My emotions lie, but God doesn't. God always tells the truth, so I can believe Him in every situation. I can trust God to remind me that all those events or words that caused me so much difficulty are in His control and so I don't need to worry or get upset about them. I can always trust God to remind me of the truth that everything He allows into my life will bring me closer to Him if I will only stop running away with my emotions and start running into His loving care.

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