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Rediscovering Something Different

God wants us to never forget what drew us into His love. God wants us to always hold on to what taught us that He loves us dearly.

Often we try to forget. We don't try to forget God but the circumstances that compelled us to go to God because often those were not good circumstances at all. We want to push those dark circumstances into the depths of our minds so that we never see them again and unconsciously end up stifling that spark that started our love for God.

God doesn't forget. God works in so many ways to bring back those memories, not to harm us, but to remind us of how much we want to just spend our whole lives dwelling in the wonderful love He has for us. If we try to run away from those memories, God will remain one step behind us so we can't see Him until we get tired. When we feel empty again, God knows it's the right time to remind us.

Then God shows up so clearly in a way we did not at all seek out or anticipate but as something different. God will show us that stashed away spark of our love for Him as something different so that we know it is Him calling us to remember and so our eyes do light up with excitement from seeing His love.

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