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Pray In Your Language

Often I hear people say that they don't know how to pray. I have to admit, that seems a little strange for me because I don't think I ever learned to pray, yet people often say I "pray well".

Honestly, I just talk to God. I just talk to God in language that makes sense and means something to me. People often feel like they don't know how to pray because they've only ever tried using words or phrases they've heard other people use. David exemplified using language he understood to communicate with God. David wrote Psalm 23 describing God as a good shepherd because he was a shepherd.

I'm not a shepherd, but I am a Guinea Whisperer (as my husband says). Guinea pig language is a language I understand because it is just part of my life. I spend so much time with my guineas that I can see how God takes care of me in how I take care of them. I took some time to rewrite the prayer of Psalm 23 in my "Guinea Whisperer" language.

The Lord is my Guinea Whisperer, I can trust Him. He sits me on clean fleece blankets, He puts soft pillows beside me. He constantly refills my hay manger. When I hear the scary vacuum or jingly keys, I won't be afraid because I see your hand near me. You make sure my veggies are right for me and know the signs of sickness I try to hide. A happy guinea life is mine because you always clean my poo-poo messes and love me even while doing it.

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