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Obscurity in an Ocean of Words

Lately I've been hearing that I really am just a pebble in the ocean.

I've been trying to do all the things they say to do to become well known so somebody might hear of me and might buy my book. I've been hearing that right now I'm "obscure" and no one will read what I write unless I amass a huge social media following or pretend to make friends with a whole bunch of bloggers.

I felt obscure when I went to church yesterday, as if my words would never reach anyone. Then God did what God does.

In the Sunday School lesson, God reminded me that He had given me the words in my book and that He was going to be the power behind them. Then our guest speaker got up and (completely aside from everything else) said she started with, "First I want to address Heather". Then she told everyone that a Facebook Bible study post I had written had really spoken to her and connected her to God.

She didn't know it, but God used her to remind me that it doesn't matter if nobody knows me, follows me, or (social media) likes me. All that matters is God gave me the words in Anelthalien and He will make sure that those who need to hear His words will find and read the words He has given me.

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