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Just Listen

God led you to these dark mountains. Because He sparkled in your memory, you remained at these dark mountains. So here you stand in darkness with your eyes shut so you can look for God's light. With your eyes shut to bleak reality, your mind stays open to God's reminders. As you wait to see God, you, remain open and assured that He will come. Then you start encountering His reminders.

God first reminds you to look to Him. Keeping your mind searching for Him is absolutely key to finding Him. Second God says to listen to Him. You could look around and claim you know exactly what God means with each circumstance, but you would probably be wrong. Only by looking and constantly conversing with God about what He shows you will you learn what He is actually doing.

Third God reminds you that He is actively fighting for you. He is doing so much that you can't and won't see ever or for a while. Very certainly, though, He is. Then fourth, once those three sparkles of hope are dancing behind your eyelids, God reminds you that this was always the plan. He always wanted you to believe in His plan--not at all knowing it--and to also enjoy watching Him unfold it. You stand here at these mountains because God chose you to sit in the front row seat, right beside Him, to view His glorious power.

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