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Interwoven Strands

It is easy to forget God is working with all people to accomplish His plan. Although I don't intentionally forget that other people are just as much part of God's plan is I am, I do forget. Often I don't recognize others as part of what God is doing in my life because, well, it's my life. I know my friends and family are part of my life and God's plan for me, but I just don't know of the people that I've never heard of three states away. All I can know is what is within my perception.

That narrows my perspective of God's plan. God's plan includes everyone. Sometimes it seems like God has a bunch of different plans, one different little picture for each person, but He actually has one plan, one big tapestry, that includes all the interwoven, interconnected strands that are every life. Remembering that is not easy because the strand of my life may never cross or only once cross most of the other lives in God's huge plan. However, remembering that is necessary because without those other strands, my life and God's plan for me and every life would be incomplete.

God's one plan and the interconnectedness of everyone in it means more than I need to remember more people than the ones I know exist. God's one big plan means He is using everyone to complete everyone's life. That means when I pray for someone I don't really know, God uses that prayer to impact that person. It means that the people who lived generations ago or live several countries away that somehow impact the course of my life really do impact and further what God wants for me.

God's all encompassing plan also means that if God wants to accomplish something, He will make sure the right strands in the right attitude cross at the right moment. God can motivate as many people as necessary to agree. I saw this at my wedding. I was sure 96% of the guests would object, but God made sure everyone supported it. I saw this when a creative director I did not know wanted the same cover for Anelthalien as I did. God can and will weave everything perfectly to create the picture He wants.

It is easy to forget God is working with all people to accomplish His plan. When I do remember to step back and view God's plan from His perspective, though, it is amazing, comforting, and beautiful.

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