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Imagining Something Different

Anelthalien first started in my imagination.

When I was little, my imagination burst all over everything. More than anything I loved to draw. I would fill up notebooks, use up all the paper in the house, and even occasionally draw on furniture. I imagined all kinds of people and stories when I drew. I also like to go outside. I made up stories and places where I could have wonderful adventures.

My favorite place to draw about or go when I played was an Anelthalien. The name didn't come from anywhere. That was just always the name of the place with rolling fields, dragons, mysterious mountains, and all kinds of stories that flowed out of my head. Anelthalien was different. It was different not just because it was a whole other world I could go to any time I wanted, but because my imagination could just be free.

I think we all want somewhere where we can just simply be. We all enjoy feeling as if no one is telling us what shape our souls must conform to. The world is so full of pressures pushing us to act, think, and change so that

we fit in or stand out.

Anelthalien was a world far away from this one though. Anelthalien was something different.

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