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Focus On Something Different

Have you ever really wanted God to do something? Maybe it was something you felt anxious about, like a sick family member who you really wanted to God to heal. Or maybe it was something you felt excited about, like one of God's amazing promises finally coming true. Either way, if you ever wanted God to do something, you likely felt strongly about it and wanted God to make it a reality soon.

When you talked to God about it, though, He didn't seem to hear. Maybe He didn't give a reply. Maybe He said something that didn't relate to your prayer. Either way, if God didn't give a direct, immediate answer, it likely seemed as if He was focused on something different.

God probably was.

It is hard to admit that when God isn't focused on what you are focused on, it is highly disconcerting. You have this huge something filling and weighing down your heart, and God just . . . has His sights set somewhere else. It is normal to feel disconcerted and to try to keep focusing on what has its fist so tightly around your attention. However, if God is not focused on what you are focused on, it is a sign that you need to focus on something different as well.

God has a certain focus for a reason. He knows the future--the timing of everything, the outcome of it all--and so He also knows exactly what needs to happen at this very second. It may seem like His focus is not compassionate toward or invested in you, but God's focus is on bringing life to all people--including you. To have the life God wants for you, stop focusing on what you want or think and start focusing on what God says.

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