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Experiencing God

When you see the sun rise after that long night, you know God has shown up and you go running to Him. He was always with you. What he had told you so long ago was always set to happen at this moment. It is an exhilarating, wonderful moment.

As you run and remember, you realize that this was how it started. God asked you to go on a run with Him, and when you begin and just ran after Him, you saw His wonderful love in the amazing scenery. You saw so much of Him and everything flowed so smoothly.

You also realize that all God ever wanted was for you to just be with Him. The run was never about figuring out where to go, what to do, or even about getting somewhere. The adventure with God was meant for just that: experiencing God. God wanted you to go with Him so you would be with Him and grow closer to Him. This run with God is beautiful, and you want it to never end.

That run that I just described is what it's like to write Anelthalien. Everything God had to do to get me to figure out that He wanted me to publish Anelthalien and then to get me to listen about how to publish Anelthalien was definitely not that smooth. Writing Anelthalien, though, truly is that smooth, beautiful run with God. I don't try to figure out the storyline, characters, events, or even the end. I have wondered what would come next and imagined scenarios in my mind, but when I pick up my notebook, I always just say, "Help me listen" and let God tell the story. When I write, I simply go to God and let Him take me wherever He leads. The story is so much better than anything I could ever imagine that way. Anelthalien is God's story about life with Him.

Anelthalien, the book coming out in January, is just the beginning of this beautiful adventure of God. I'm still listening, writing down the amazing story, and hoping that this experience with God will never ever end.

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