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Escaping to Something Different

Sometimes when you're running with God--and you just start to run well--life steps from the shadows and punches you in the gut. You lay on the ground trying to reclaim the air that has been knocked out of you. When you finally find oxygen, you sit up and lose it again.

Life didn't just knock you down, it shattered everything. You're sitting in a dark field full of brokenness, hopelessness, death, and defeat that stretches beyond your range of comprehension. Seeing it, you suddenly deeply know that you have lost a battle . . . one you couldn't and can't do anything about. Also, you realize that at the extremities of this battlefield are mountains encircling it all, leaving no chance of escape. This loss, this death, is now yours to fall victim to as well.

It looks as if you have utterly lost.

A breeze, warm and reminding, whispers. It tells you that you haven't lost everything. It tells you that if you close your eyes and listen, it will tell you a story. You do. The whisper transports you somewhere different.

It tells you of another heart and another hopeless battle. The darkness is overwhelming and the death is real for that heart as well. You see yourself in that battle instead, because it's just a story, and so it's easier. In that story, from where you sit on the sidelines but also entwined in the hearts of the characters, you see God just on the other side of the mountains hurling all of His unseen comforts into the loss, and then when that broken heart finally latches onto one, you see God blasting back the barricades of darkness with His light.

That whisper, that story, that something different reminds you. It reminds you that you are not lost; God knows where you are and is fighting for you. The story shows you that God is outside of the ring of mountains not because He doesn't want to help you but is outside of the lost battle because He knows you need to escape to Him.

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