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Doing Something Different

Doing something different stretches far beyond trying to "do your own thing". It is normal for everyone to try to stand out just enough to fit in with everyone else doing life how they each see fit. Normal life is generally a balance of doing what you and everyone else feels is best.

Doing something genuinely different, though, means not doing what you want or what any person feels is best. It means breaking away from every voice and waiting in the quiet for God to speak. It's similar to waiting for a storm: all the wild calls hush, the world darkens, and the whole atmosphere transforms. Then a calm, cool, peaceful wind invites you to stay outside and wait. The deep, authoritative whisper rumbles and you know exactly what it means. Now you wait for the sign to move. At the first gentle drop, you lift your face to the sky.

Doing something different means listening for God to reveal what's coming and then waiting for His sign of what to do and when to do it instead of planning your own direction. Doing your own thing feels very natural, but doing something different requires going outside and being quiet enough to hear the signs of the coming rain. It requires standing outside in the rain while everyone else inside wonders what you're doing.

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