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Doing Something Different

When I first started writing Anelthalien, it was the first time I stopped trying to write Anelthalien. I had been trying to compose a story, but it never meshed together. When I had been doing something else and God told me to start writing, I began a journey I never had nor could have imagined on my own.

When God says go and we start running according to His moment-by-moment direction, we fly. We not only speed through beautiful scenery we've never seen before, we also get to listen to God's secret counsel about it all as He runs nearby. He narrates the journey as well as how He planned long ago for it to match exactly what our hearts require in the present moment. Running according to God's voice allows us to succeed at His plan for us, but we don't even notice because we are so distracted by His vividly apparent, intimate love for us.

Running without any clue where we are going is humanly impossible, imprudent, and wasteful. Trying to accomplish something by our own human ability is just as impossible, imprudent, and wasteful. Blindly running with God's voice directing every football, though, means doing something different. It means doing something impossible while fulfilling and being fulfilled with the most important purpose of all eternity.

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