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Dark Mountains

You were in hopelessness. You were in brokenness. God started to provide some glimmers of hope. You thought those sparkles would lead you somewhere amazing . . . but they led you somewhere different.

They led you to dark mountains. You followed God's glimmers of hope to where the small lights faded in the towering shadows of impenetrable, unscalable mountains. Now you see no way forward, no hope ahead, and you know only death lies behind you. A small, fearful realization whispers in your ear then out of your mouth.

"There's no way."

It's over. All the hope you thought God was promising is gone.

When God's promises seem to extinguish and leave you surrounded by impossible to escape darkness, you have to stop looking around. All around truly is dark. All around no way exists. If you look around, you will be hopeless. You won't see God anywhere.

If you look in the only other place to look, though, you will find something different. Instead of surveying the dark present reality, look into your memory. Somewhere in your memory God placed a light. Maybe it was when He showed up in the past. Maybe it was a few words somebody told you. Maybe it was something different. Or maybe it was all of those moments and every moment when God faintly sparkled in your life so that at this moment--when you need this light more than any other time--He could string together all of those glimmers into one brilliant display of His ability.

When you look back and remember what God has promised and remember all that He has done so far, you will have light. Your surrounding circumstances remain the same dark, impenetrable, unscalable mountains. The light God has placed and illuminated in your memory, though, assures you that though you have no proof, God has made a way.

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