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Clueless About Something Different

When we follow God and just focus on His guiding voice, we don't worry about what is happening beyond His voice. We all are human, though, and do end up distracted by the immense plan God is submerging us in.

The moment our eyes slide off God and see the towering cliffs ahead, we remember that we have no idea what we're doing. That leads to a scramble to figure out what to do. As unable humans that desire to be capable, we determine that we will tackle those on coming obstacles. We analyze those mountains, research ways to traverse them, weigh options, mentally carve a route, and then execute our plan.

Deep down we still recognize that we have no clue if we are doing what is necessary. However, we feel compelled to do something and so we run full force into our plan and hope it works.

Meanwhile God stopped. He let us run ahead by ourselves. He knows that eventually we will reach the mountains, realize our heads hurt from banging into impenetrable rock, and finally realize that we need to find Him and start listening again.

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