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Abundant Provision

When in your hopelessness you turn to God for hope, He provides. Everything may be shattered, but when you ask God for help, He starts picking up the pieces. If you weren't so hopeless and so desperate for any ounce of light, you probably wouldn't notice because God doesn't magically fix everything in one big blazing bang.

Instead God lets a refraction bounce off one of the shards surrounding you. You notice it, hungry for light in your darkness, and stoop to pick it up. As you do, you see another sparkle further ahead. Those small reflections of God's hope continue and begin to move you further from the place where life smashed everything. You keep following them, so elated by the glimmers of hope that you don't fully realize where God is leading you.

We often do not see or even try to look for God. Searching for God just doesn't seem necessary if we like our current situation. God is always necessary, though. If we forget it or if we need to learn it more deeply, God will situate us in a place where we yearn for and do look for Him.

He places us in darkness. In the darkness we yearn for God. Also in the darkness we scour the situation for any sign of God. Then, because God is always calling us closer to Him, we start to see God. We rejoice over even the tiniest sign of Him. Most wonderfully we actually start living every moment by His guidance.

We all need darkness to remember how necessary God is. Also, we all need darkness to remember how abundant every single one of God's provisions is.

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