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A Way Where None Exists

I had heard God tell me to just start and go wherever He led. We started a run together. Our run through the countryside was easy, eye-opening, and lovely. When I first set eyes on the mountains, I temporarily panicked and forgot to follow God's lead. God calmed me and returned me to His side. Our run continued through the mountains. I wondered where we would end up but kept my eyes on God. The run through the mountains just started to feel natural, when suddenly, I froze.

I stood at the edge of a canyon, the rocks skittering down into the bottomless chasm from my sudden stop and nothing ahead except my whisper, "God . . . there's no way." No way to the other side existed. As far as I could see, the other side didn't even exist. But I stayed on the cliff and waited for my echoes to stop.

I waited. I was too far to turn around, too invested to want to turn around, too unable to continue, and above all keenly aware of my need to stand still and listen. The waiting extended, but then out of the empty expanse God spoke. He said He was going to make a way all at once, in a way only He could, where no way existed. God said to just keep standing still and to trust that He would show His powerful provision.

I believed.

Exodus 14 proves that when God leads His people somewhere, He will provide the way. Even when the place is a death trap or dead end, God is not limited and can and will provide a way forward. Also, the most miraculous aspect of where God leads is not that He allows forward movement but that He does it in a way that displays His mighty power so undeniably even His enemies believe in Him. God leads His people to dead ends and death traps so that He can show His ability to give a way forward to life when death is the only option.

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