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A Quiet Voice In The Ocean

Being a pebble in the ocean is not easy. It means I'm out of my element. I have no idea what to do. I also hear so many loud voices and see so many blazing influences telling me what I have to, need to, and must do in order to not sink to the bottom of this ocean and be forgotten. I tried listening to all those voices and watching all those influences. Their advice sounded really good. Their examples looked really convincing. Everything they said is truly good, sound direction.

One voice though is quiet. One voice does not compete for my attention but waits for me to listen. That voice deep in the ocean calls me to go deep and not be afraid to hit the bottom and let myself be forgotten. So I hit the bottom because all the other voices became so overwhelming and pushed me down to it anyway. Then I listened in the deep, and the deep called to me.

At the bottom of my overwhelmed feelings, God reminded me to listen to His voice. God reminded me that all those other voices may have truly good advice, but only He knows and planned my future and so only He knows exactly what I need to do to reach the blessed future reality He has for me. He reminded me that His advice may not sound good or easy but that it is best.

God told this little pebble in the ocean to be still and listen to His very still, small voice. I listened and remembered His voice is the only one that matters.

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