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A Choice To Go Somewhere Different

Life becomes too hard. We wilt under all the hurt, pressures, and pain that we just don't want to deal with but have to. We want a place to escape. Sometimes though, there's really nowhere to go.

When life becomes too hard, we have to remember that we always have a choice to escape. While the difficulties storm around us, we can always go to God. We can just walk outside and stand in the yard and talk to God. We can lock ourselves in the bathroom, drive somewhere, or shut our eyes so we can be alone and just talk to God. He is always listening, and so if we open up, He is going to come into the conversation we start.

When life becomes too hard, we need to remember that we have a choice to go somewhere different. We have the choice to go to God and remember that He can fill us with the love of His companionship and compassion. God can fill us with such peace that we can imagine we really are somewhere different and hold on to that place in our hearts even when we do go back to real life and into the situations that would otherwise be too hard.

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