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Serving God Through Writing

Anelthalien, Earth Quaking, and Water Falling are now available on Amazon, and Anelthalien is available on other sites as well. Click a button below to view it on the site.



Heather Pruitt is a pastor’s wife who teaches two Bible studies and wrote the recovery program for the church they serve. Her mission in all she does is to listen to, obey, and glorify God. She has always enjoyed art, using her imagination, and writing and is enjoying God using those abilities to shape her into an author.

Also, she really loves her guinea pigs . . . all 14 of them.


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When Kindle discovers a necklace that transports her to a strange land called Anelthalien, all she wants is to return home. However, three others also find similar necklaces and after meeting them and some inhabitants of Anelthalien, Kindle realizes that returning home may not be as easy or as important as she believes. In fact, none of them expect the necklaces will tie them to an almost forgotten past, gilded present, and possibly disastrous future.

If you want something different . . .

Anelthalien is waiting

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